CPIE Val d'Authie

Centre Permanent d’initiatives pour, l’environment d’Authie   



Experience and Role

The CPIE works in favor of sustainable development and the protection of nature on its territory by offering training and education activities on the environment and sustainable development. It also supports local actors in the implementation of projects related in particular to public policies.

The CPIE has already worked on a project to raise awareness of natural risks (meetings, exhibitions, school activities, design of a memory trail on the risks of flooding, etc.). In addition, the CPIE regularly intervenes with people in difficulty and the elderly. For this project, the CPIE works mainly on the mobilization of target audiences (implementation of activities with CEREMA) and works with them to find the solutions best suited to their situation (mainly Ogoxe solutions and tools).

The CPIE shares its expertise in the implementation of training for local populations, including those who are far from the labor market, to acquire professional skills and qualifications.
The CPIE wishes to develop and strengthen its territorial partnerships on the theme of floods, to acquire new skills, and thus, in the long term, to be able to develop new activities at the service of the population of Val d’Authie. In particular, the CPIE wishes to understand what role it could play in supporting the formation and activities of local resilience networks.

Other EU or International Projects

Interreg programs in which the CPIE participated: 

  • RINSE Reducing the impact of non-native species in Europe  
  • SEFINS Protecting the environment from invasive non-native species 
  • ENDURE Ensuring the resilience of dunes to climate change 
  • Co-Adapt Co-creating nature-based solutions to reduce flooding 
  • H2O: Source2Seas Using nature-based solutions to reduce the impacts of climate change (floods, drought)