Aulne valley

Aulne valley

The Aulne valley is deep and strongly influenced by rainfall with the maritime influence visible up to Châteaulin. The valley has a powerful landscape, environmental and identity marker of the area. The downstream part of the Aulne is channelled and forms the western part of the Nantes-Brest canal.

The municipalities along the Aulne valley are affected by frequent flooding and were particularly badly affected during the floods of 1995 and 2000. The catchment area has a flood prevention action programme. The lower part of the valley, where the majority of the issues are concentrated, already has a flood risk prevention plan.

Issues & Objectives

Cerema wishes to anchor the actions carried out within the framework of this project in a positive and unifying vision around the Aulne valley, a strong marker of the territory's identity. The proposed actions are based on the idea that an integrating vision around river themes is more effective than communication centered on floods. Thus, we will explore the presence of water, its uses, the relationship of populations to the river and their perception of water-related risks.

The final objective of the activities carried out within the framework of Interreg-BRIC in the Aulne Valley is to organize a conclusive and unifying event. This event could take the form of a feast, or party, centered around the Aulne River. It would bring together actions of various forms: exhibitions, artistic walks, round tables, activities of associations or local structures, meals... These actions would all have the Aulne valley in common. The festival will be both a festive, unifying event, a place of information, awareness and a place of exchange.

The organization of this festival follows a series of preparatory actions carried out in 2021 and 2022: surveys, radiographic reports, participatory workshops, artistic creation workshops and artistic walks.

Pilot site activities

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