Dorset Coast Forum

Dorset Coast Forum. An independent strategic coastal partnership and forum to foster collaboration between coastal stakeholders.                     


Experience and Role

Dorset Coast Forum (DCF) is a partnership of local organisations and community representatives, served by a professional team hosted by Dorset Council. Its role is to engage all stakeholders in dialogue regarding environmental management challenges in Dorset’s coastal area. 

DCF have 25 years’ experience working with local communities to empower them with knowledge and support on a range of coastal and marine issues. It disseminates information across sectors that are relevant to marine and coastal stakeholders. It also delivers and facilitates conferences, consultations and events to engage with local communities and develop bottom-up approaches to find solutions to issues they face. It has experienced project managers and delivers projects that have an environmental, social or economic benefit to the Dorset Coast and its surrounding seas.

Its role in the BRIC project is to deliver a pilot to demonstrate the BRIC Resilience Network approach working with one of the most deprived communities in England. Its work will ensure they are empowered and supported to be involved in decisions on future flood management and coastal defences, and support Dorset Councils statutory role as Local Flood Management Authority. Furthermore, it will participate in all Work Packages. 

The benefit of DCF being involved in the project is that it has knowledge and experience of working on projects like this to deliver case studies that match up with its counterparts in France. Its expertise with working with hard-to-reach communities combined with sensitive issues means it will be able to contribute advice and share what it has learned from past projects to other partners involved.

DCF will learn from other members of the partnership and the diverse pilot experiences. The support of the BRIC partnership, Interreg funding and new tools will enable DCF to meet the needs of its communities and the demand from its members to involve residents in local environmental governance.

Other EU or International Projects

Interreg projects PCC has participated in during the last 5 years:  

  • Water Resilient Cities project (Lead Partner) (Interreg 2Seas);  
  • Climate Active Neighbourhoods (Interreg NWE);  
  • RegEnergy (Interreg NWE);  
  • HeatNet (Interreg NWE);  
  • FINERPOL (Interreg Europe);  
  • 2050 Climate Mobility City (Interreg Europe);  
  • Preventing Plastic Pollution (Interreg FCE);  
  • Sunpeople (Interreg FCE). 

PCC is also participating in the Green Minds project (Urban Innovative Actions). 

Community Event

Community Event