A tech company providing flood warning and environmental monitoring services.



Experience and Role

Ogoxe is a French SME offering a range of products designed to forecast, inform and alert of flood danger. The solutions created are highly resilient, intelligent and autonomous. Its strengths in IoT (internet of things), AI (artificial intelligence) and innovative telecommunications technologies enable its solutions to use real-time data and transmit continuous alerts, even in the event of power outages and 3G/4G failures. It has installed its solutions in the South West of France (Pays de Lourdes, the Gave Valley), including a specific system designed for isolated sites.

Ogoxe’s role in this project will be to contribute its know-how and technical knowledge. Through its work with these communities, it has developed relationships that enable it to understand its clients’ needs in the face of flooding. Its objective is to limit the impact of a natural event on the population and their properties by making it possible to visualise the flooded area in order to apply preventive measures. It has expertise in working with people in flooded and flood-risk communities and has developed methodologies and tools to help better manage this risk.

Ogoxe will build and manage the BRIC Resilience platform. This forms a key part of the BRIC legacy plan. It will also support the development of data management and visualisation tools, integrating local variants into the BRIC web platform. Overall, Ogoxe will participate on all BRIC work projects and deliverables.

Other EU or International Projects

  • Flood risk management project :  
    French municipalities (Porte Puymaurins, Gayac, Izaout, Cambon etc.)  
  • Public establishment of inter-municipal cooperation (EPCI) :  
    Community of Communes CC – Neste Barousse;  
    CC Pyrénées Vallées des Gaves  
    Community of Agglomeration Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées, PLVG  
  • Watershed syndicates :  
    Syndicat Mixte de rivière Tarn, SMRT;  
    Syndicat Mixte de la Seine et de l’Oise, SMSO  
  • Campsites: Sigean, Moulin de Baronnies, Casties, etc  
  • Private Companies : EDF and Veolia  
  • Consortium Projects:  
    O2H Smart Water City project  
    (Observatory and Hydromorphological Management Tools of the Gave) 

Hydrologic Studies