Plymouth City Council

Unitary authority incorporating strategic planning, parks and highways maintenance and Lead Local Flood Authority.                         

Experience and Role

Plymouth City Council (PCC) is the statutory spatial planning and risk management authority for the city, with expert teams in land use,  resource planning, highways and in engineering. As the Lead Local Flood Authority, it is also responsible for the city’s flood risk management strategy.  PCC’s wider responsibilities include management of green spaces, emergency planning and public health, all of which are relevant to flood risk management.

As a community leader PCC undertakes a wide range of projects aiming to innovate in public services, such as European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) funded Water Resilient Cities (flooding) and Green Minds (green space management). Through its public health team PCC has pioneered the use of Appreciative Inquiry and is rolling it out to other services, such as green space management.

As lead partner for the BRIC project, PCC will:  

  • lead the Management and Communications  
  • share its knowledge and experience of Appreciative Inquiry with other project partners 
  • run its own pilot to test and demonstrate the BRIC approach, sharing knowledge and experience with other pilots 
  • contribute to the development of the BRIC Resilience Model 

Other EU or International Projects

Interreg projects PCC has participated in during the last 5 years:  

  • Water Resilient Cities project (Lead Partner) (Interreg 2Seas);  
  • Climate Active Neighbourhoods (Interreg NWE);  
  • RegEnergy (Interreg NWE);  
  • HeatNet (Interreg NWE);  
  • FINERPOL (Interreg Europe);  
  • 2050 Climate Mobility City (Interreg Europe);  
  • Preventing Plastic Pollution (Interreg FCE);  
  • Sunpeople (Interreg FCE). 

PCC is also participating in the Green Minds project (Urban Innovative Actions). 

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