Au fil de l’Aulne, a week-end of festivities to raise awareness of the environment among residents

As part of the BRIC project on the Aulne valley pilot site, Cerema co-organised and co-financed an Aulne festival with the Polysonnance social centre, EPAGA, Cerema, the towns of Châteaulin, Port-Launay and Saint-Coulitz and the ERDF.

The “Au fil de l’Aulne” festival was a weekend of festivities that brought together shows, discussions, awareness-raising activities, exhibitions and games, shared with friends and family. From nautical activities to flooding, these free activities allowed the inhabitants of the Aulne catchment area to discuss their relationship with the river in all its forms.

The objectives of the Aulne festival are to highlight the local natural and cultural heritage of the Aulne valley, to raise environmental awareness on different themes (the quality of aquatic environments, biodiversity, flooding and adaptation to climate change), but also to facilitate networking between local actors and inhabitants and thus increase the resilience of the community in relation to its environment.

More than 300 people came to take part in the Aulne festival at these three locations.

cerema’s photo exhibition on historical floods in Châteaulin on 24/09/22 (Cerema/Lucile Mine-Kleiner)

Exchange around a watershed model with EPAGA in Châteaulin on 24/09/22 (Cerema/Lucile Mine-Kleiner)

Vigicrue apero in Port-Launay on 25/09/22 (Cerema/Lucile Mine-Kleiner)

“A fil de l’Aulne” tales with Armodo in Port-Launay on 25/09/22 (Cerema/Lucile Mine-Kleiner)

Exhibitions and presentation of the BRIC project in Port-Launay on 25/09/22 (Cerema/Lucile Mine-Kleiner)

Restitution of the appreciative inquiry and reflection on the future of the Aulne valley in Châteaulin on 24/09/22 (Cerema/Lucile Mine-Kleiner)

For the complete program :

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